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Horizontal Auto Tie Balers

The Innovative Recycling Solution That Boosts Profits and Maximizes Efficiency

Process Any Recyclables With Balemaster’s Horizontal Auto Tie Balers

Our top-of-the-line horizontal balers are the best way to quickly and efficiently process all of your recyclable materials, including:

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic

Horizontal auto tie balers use an entirely automated process, meaning there is no need for manual advancement or designated staff members to run the recycling operations. Automatic baler machines allow for processing as the chamber reaches capacity and make the entire process completely automated, from advancing the bale all the way through tying it. This keeps staff free for other operations and boosts profits for your business.

The Comprehensive Baling Approach

Auto tie baler machines come with many beneficial features that will streamline the recycling process and maximize efficiency. These features include:

  • Automatic wire-tier that completes the tie-off within 30 seconds.
  • Density control systems that ensure each bale is made to the highest possible density.
  • Dust control to prevent unnecessary maintenance of the baler machine.
  • Comprehensive touch screen control for maximized usability.

Whether you need a cardboard baler, paper baler, or other recycling baler machine, Balemaster has the perfect solution to manage all of your recyclable materials. Our horizontal auto tie balers, including the E-Series Baler and EO-Series Baler, make the recycling process fully automated and thoroughly efficient, improving productivity and increasing the bottom line for your business.

To ensure maximum efficiency and improved profit margins for your business, contact Balemaster for all of your cardboard baler, paper baler, and recycling baler needs. We have the highest quality, most effective baler machine technology for your unique needs!

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Industrial Recycling Shredders

Increase Recycling Efficiency with Cardboard and Paper Shredders from Balemaster

Recycling is a rapidly growing industry. As more businesses look for ways to maximize production, revolutionary recycling technology has emerged. With the widespread use of paper and cardboard shredders and balers, the process of recycling becomes more automated and efficient for businesses across the world. Balemaster has the highest quality industrial shredders that operate alongside our balers to create the greatest value premium recycling outputs.

Process Your Recycling More Efficiently with an Industrial Paper Shredder

Balemaster offers several industrial shredders and hoggers to process paper and cardboard into smaller pieces, making them ideal for baling. Below are several recycling hoggers and balers we offer.

  • Low RPM Shredder: This recycling shredder is the quieter option and is ideal for corrugated box, sheet, and folding carton plants.
  • Piggyback Shredder: The piggyback shredder is specifically designed to mount above the Balemaster baler. This industrial cardboard shredder feeds the shredded pieces directly into the baler, maximizing efficiency and allowing for complete automation. It is ideal for magazine, signature, and printer wastes.
  • Floor Sweep Shredder: This paper shredder is designed for recyclables that are too large to be conveyed without first processing them. The floor sweep shredder is ideal for printer, paper converting, and folding carton plants.
  • High Production Hogger: This recycling hogger is extremely efficient, and it is ideal for corrugated box, folding carton, and sheet plants.

The recycling shredders and hoggers from Balemaster create hand-sized pieces of recyclable material, making the waste ideal for baling. Using a paper or cardboard shredder alongside a recycling baler allows companies to increase the production of recycling bales through efficient, automated processes.

Balemaster Recycling Shredders are Expertly Designed to Boost Profits

With a cardboard or paper shredder from Balemaster, you are guaranteed the highest quality of recycling equipment. Balemaster uses expert engineering to ensure the products meet your every need and remain at peak operating capacity for their long lifespan.

Here are some of the many advantages of recycling shredders and hoggers by Balemaster:

  • Maximized safety features, such as NEMA 12 enclosures, safety cables at feed inlets, keyed on and off switches, and more
  • Touch screen control for easy operability and system diagnostics
  • Overfeed sensors that will detect jams and reverse the system until the blockage has cleared
  • Different width options to fit any processing plant space
  • Multiple size and style options to meet every shredding need

Balemaster Has the Recycling Solutions to Maximize Efficiency and Increase Profits

Streamline your recycling process with the use of cardboard and paper shredders at your recycling plant. The recycling shredders and hoggers by Balemaster, including the Low RPM Shredder, Piggyback Shredder, Floor Sweep Shredder, and High Production Hogger, will maximize the efficiency of your recycling procedure by processing all paper and cardboard into hand-sized pieces. This will improve the baling process, meaning profits from recycling will increase.

Contact Balemaster for all of your paper and cardboard shredder and baler needs to improve the recycling process of your business and boost your profits!

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News Distribution

News Distribution

Balemaster offers a combination of a horizontal auto-tie baler with PT-Shredder to meet the unique needs of the news distribution industry. Whether you need to bale shredded magazines/books or newspapers, an auto-tie baler and shredder from Balemaster can be equipped to meet your product destruction and baling needs.

Features & Advantages

  • Heavy duty automatic wire-tier completes the tie-off cycle in less than 30 seconds. Auto-tier’s simplistic design uses fewer component parts than other tiers on the market.

  • One of the most comprehensive touch screen controllers in the industry, featuring over 50 information screens.

  • Feed openings, from 32" wide to 40" long, are available to accommodate feed from a pneumatic air system, conveyor, or shredder.

  • Unique bale density control system automatically and continuously regulates the tensioning force exerted by the side density cylinders. The bale density control system creates squeezing force to achieve the highest bale density possible. No adjustments are required.

  • Trunnion mounted main hydraulic cylinder is standard on all E-series models. 8-, and 10-inch diameter cylinders are available.

  • Energy efficient hydraulic power packs from 25 to 150 horsepower are available to meet your capacity demands. Cycling capacities of up to 30,000 cubic feet per hour are available to meet your busiest season.

  • Heavy duty welded construction throughout.

Transfer & Storage Systems

We can design and build a system used to accumulate and store finished bales. Used in conjunction with scheduled forklift operations. These can be an asset in facilitating “unmanned” operations.

Ideal for:

Moving bales in any baling application with limited storage space


Automatic Can Compactor

Offering a simple way to crush and compact steel and aluminum cans, even ‘rejects’ filled with fluid. The Automatic Can Compactor produces a circular 17" diameter briquette for easy handling.

Ideal for:

Aluminum and steel cans

Plastic Bottle Perforator (PET)

This PET Perforator pierces plastic bottles, allowing air to escape. As a result, the output capacity of the baler is increased by up to 50%. Ideal for high volume PET bottle handling requirements.

Ideal for:

PET recycling operations

Metering Conveyor

Our patented Metering Conveyor eliminates time-consuming hand loading. Waste is fed at a uniform rate to either the baler or shredder. Designed for many “dump and run” applications. Available in 36 and 42 inch width.

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Metering Conveyor

Ideal for:

  • Feeding of whole books

  • Magazines

  • Signatures

  • Printers waste

Fully Automated Fluffer

Mounted on top of the baler’s feed chute, the fluffer helps prepare paper waste for baling by “fluffing” or conditioning the scrap and distributing it evenly in the baler charging chamber.

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Fully Automated Fluffer

Ideal for:

  • ONP recycling

  • Mixed paper recycling

Floor Sweep Shredder

The 1500 series floor sweep shredder has been specially designed for shredding signatures and paper scrap that are too large to be pneumatically conveyed without preparation.

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Floor Sweep Shredder

Ideal for:

  • Printers

  • Folding carton

  • Paper converting

Features & Advantages

  • 1500 series floor sweep shredder features a heavy-duty “drum style” arbor with integrated hard tipped steel blades.

  • Units are available in 38- and 54-inch widths and can be equipped with up to 30 horsepower to process up to 100 pounds of material per minute.


CoreMaster™ Core Shredder

The Balemaster CoreMaster core shredder has been engineered for durability, ease of maintenance, and simplicity of operation in mind. It reduces up to 6” cores to smaller “shavings” which is ideal for baling, while at the same time producing minimal dust. The CoreMaster has automated features too, like core presence detection which senses when the core has completed shredding.

Floor Sweep Shredder

Ideal for:

  • Corrugated box and sheet plants
  • Folding carton plants
  • Paper converters
  • Envelope plants

Features & Advantages

  • 6” diameter feed

  • 10 HP main motor

  • 3 HP feed

  • Auto start feed (core presence sensor)

  • Auto power save (15 minute arbor shut down)

  • Variable speed feed drive

  • Blade wear warning (drops feed rate by 50% and flashes yellow) – reset button on screen

  • Inline air system feed (no additional fan HP required)

  • Bolts directly to 1200 hogger or anywhere in the air system line

  • Long life tool steel blades and anvil

  • Easy access blade/anvil changes (Blades can be changed in 5-10 minutes)

  • Easy to transport/bale piece size (approximately 1/2” slivers)

  • Heavy duty frame and bearings

  • Easy access maintenance

  • Heavy duty safety access cover switch

  • Clog sensor to stop core feed if material is not being removed

  • Low dust output

  • Dull blade sensing

  • Right and left hand machines available