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Fat Boy High Density Balers

The Fat Boy horizontal baler integrates Balemaster’s high density baling technology with 40% larger bale size to produce bales that weigh in at over 3,500 pounds – that’s nearly twice as much as conventional bales. As a result, these 58" wide x 43" high bales can increase your productivity and profitability because there are fewer bales to handle which means lower material handling costs. In the same amount of time it once took your lift truck operator to load one container the operator can now finish loading two; halving the trips, halving the fuel, halving the cost.

Fat Boy High Density Balers

Ideal for:

  • High volume packers

Features & Advantages

  • Extra-large 58" x 43" bales that weigh over 3,500 pounds fill containers nearly 20% fuller and nearly 40% faster than conventional sized bales.

  • Extra-large feed opening allowing for feed of large OCC from a 72" wide conveyor.

  • Larger bale footprint saves valuable floor space and provides stable base for excellent stacking.
  • Fat Boy baler hydraulics generate 461,580 lbs of compression force with a robust 14" diameter main cylinder and up to three 75 horsepower motor/pumps.
  • Heavy duty auto-tier with double chain and spocket, six wire ties, and energy efficient design.

  • Hardened, adjustable dual acting shear blades enable crisp shearing and minimizes jams.
  • One of the most comprehensive touch screen controllers in the industry, featuring over 50 information screens. Optional feature allows data transmission to Balemaster’s service center.


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