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Balers that serve a wide variety of markets.

Balemaster equipment has been meeting the real-world automatic waste handling and recycling requirements in a wide range of international markets. Our leadership and technically innovative auto-tie balers have enabled our customers to successfully handle and dispose waste product at industry leading cost-efficiencies.

From baling paper, packaging, and corrugated scrap to other unique markets such as non-wovens and film. Balemaster has contributed to helping customers successfully manage their day-to-day baler operations. As the demands of our customers have changed over the years, Balemaster has kept pace by producing some of the most innovative auto-tie baler products in the marketplace. We continue to pioneer innovative and market specific solutions. Some of the specific markets we service include:

Contact Balemaster about the full line of value added products available for your baling and shredding needs. We are experts at customizing high-productivity waste handling and recycling solutions, tailored to your exact application requirements.