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Balemaster offers a broad line of horizontal auto-tie balers and accessories that meet the unique needs of the recycling industry. Whether you bale 30 tons per day of ONP or 25 tons per hour of OCC, an auto-tie baler from Balemaster can be equipped to meet your exact baling needs.

Features & Advantages

  • Heavy duty automatic wire-tier completes the tie-off cycle in less than 30 seconds. Auto-tier’s simplistic design uses fewer component parts than other tiers on the market.

  • One of the most comprehensive touch screen controllers in the industry, featuring over 50 information screens.

  • Large feed openings, from 46" wide to 75" long, are available to accommodate large OCC.

  • Unique bale density control system automatically and continuously regulates the tensioning force exerted by the side density cylinders. The bale density control system creates squeezing force to achieve the highest bale density possible. No adjustments are required.

  • Trunnion mounted main hydraulic cylinder is standard on all EO-series models. 8-, 10-, 12- and 14-inch diameter cylinders are available to satisfy your bale density requirements.

  • Energy efficient hydraulic power packs from 30 to 250 horsepower are available to meet your capacity demands. Cycling capacities of up to 45,000 cubic feet per hour are available to meet your busiest season.

  • Heavy duty welded construction throughout.

Contact Balemaster about the full line of value added products available for your baling and shredding needs. We are experts at customizing high-productivity waste handling and recycling solutions, tailored to your exact application requirements.