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Offering a Wide Selection of Baler Machines

baler machine 1When you’re optimizing your waste management and recycling plan, you want the best equipment to ensure the efficiency and longevity of your process. At Balemaster, we offer a vast selection of balers, shredders, and more to improve your recycling operations. We have auto-tie balers, horizontal balers, and closed door balers, as well balers for cardboard, paper, textiles, and more.

Explore the types of baler machines that we can provide below:

Auto-Tie Balers

The auto-tie balers offer a hands-off approach to recycle baling. With these machines, the entire process, from loading and shredding to tying and transfer can be automated. This frees your personnel for more productive tasks and increases efficiency in your recycling process.

Horizontal Balers

Horizontal balers are ideal for large-scale recycling operations. These baler machines allow for the addition of conveyor systems, shredders, and transfer and storage systems. Additionally, they come in a variety of styles, offering compact designs for smallern facilities and heavy duty designs for larger locations.

Closed Door Baler Machines

A closed door baler improves the safety, efficiency, and production of your recycling bales. These machines are created with durable construction, premium welding, and simple operation to deliver the most efficient recycling operations. They come in a variety of styles to accommodate any quantity or type of material.

Balers for Cardboard, Paper, Textiles, & More

At Balemaster, we have the baling equipment for any industry. Our balers can be utilized for paper, cardboard, plastic, folding cartons, nonwoven textiles, and more. Whether you run a printing business, warehouse, retail center, or any other facility with high quantities of waste and recyclables, we have the equipment you need to effectively prepare your materials for storage and transport.

Here are some of the applications for our baler machines:

Balers for Cardboard

Our baling equipment is widely used in warehouses, distribution facilities, schools, and retail centers to bale cardboard. Each of our balers are effective in baling cardboard and have many advantages. Our most common balers for cardboard are the E-Series balers, an auto-tie baler variety. The Fat Boy baler is also used for high-production corrugated baling.

Balers for Paper

Printing companies and other facilities benefit greatly from baling machines. At Balemaster, many of our balers work exceptionally for efficient paper baling, including coated sheets, signatures, envelopes, mail, folding carton, paper trim, and more. Some of the most effective paper balers include the Closed Door balers and the HD-60 Series baler.

Balers for Nonwoven Textiles

Nonwoven textiles are used for a variety of products, including wipes, feminine hygiene products, diapers, surgical gowns, bed coverings, and more. Hospitals, schools, and other facilities use these materials and benefit from balers to prepare the nonwovens for recycling. Typically, the E-Series and EO-Series baler are used for textile recycling.

FatBoy balerReady to Revolutionize Your Recycling Process? Contact Balemaster Today.

Whether your facility produces significant cardboard, paper, textile, or other waste products, Balemaster’s baling machines will provide the efficient and productive recycling operations that you need. Each of our balers are built with durability and efficacy in mind. Your wastes will be compressed into dense bales, simplifying storage and transport operations. Contact Balemaster today to learn more about our baler lineup and how it will benefit your business.

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