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High-Yield Baling Machine for Recycling Bales

Maximize Your Recycling Process with an Efficient Baling Machine

As modern businesses grow and adapt, high-quality recycling processes are a necessity. With an innovative baling machine, you can maximize your recycling operations and get the highest return from your recyclable materials. At Balemaster, we are the forerunner in baling technology. We implement the most efficient baling machines to help you see the greatest yield, as well as maximum profits on every step of the process.

Learn more about our baling machine lineup below and see how we can help you achieve the most lucrative recycling bales that save space, money, and labor.

Are Your Recycling Bales Optimized for Storage & Transport?

baler machine 1With an optimal baling machine from Balemaster, you can convert your recyclable waste into dense bales. These recycling bales make storage and transport a breeze, allowing you to move more material in fewer loads. With our premium density control system, you can pack the most waste material into a single bale, saving you space for storage and money on transportation fees.

Each of our balers is designed with top-of-the-line density control technology. Every recycling bale will be optimized, ensuring you’re receiving the highest quality bales with each load. Then, you can see the benefits shine through in your daily operations.

Contact Balemaster now to discover the best baler for your facility.

Balemaster Baling Machines are Built for High-Production Facilities

FatBoy balerHere at Balemaster, you are guaranteed to find a baler that works for your facility. Whether you have a small printing operation or a vast distribution center, we have baling machines that will fit in your space and process any quantity of material. From our compactly-designed HD-60 Series Balers to our maximum-production Fat Boy Balers, we offer a broad selection of sizes and capabilities to ensure your recycling bales are tailored to your business needs.

In addition to our baling machines, we offer add-on equipment to fully automate and simplify your recycling operation. When you use our E-Series or EO-Series Balers, you receive an automatic advancement and tying system that fully completes your recycling bales without manual advancement. Then, you can add on our metering conveyors, shredders, and storage/transport systems to complete your entire recycling process.

When it’s time to implement a more effective recycling plan, Balemaster is here to guide you. We will walk you through the options, helping you curate an individually tailored system that works most efficiently for your facility. Contact us today for a consultation.

Check Out Our Baling Machine Lineup

Browse our varied selection of balers below, then reach out to our team to select the perfect one for your recycling process. Whether you know exactly which one suits your business or you need assistance in finding the right fit, we’re here to help. Questions? Call today!

Contact Balemaster Today to Automate Your Recycling Process

Don’t fall behind the times! Balemaster has innovative recycling equipment that will help you achieve a more efficient and effective recycle handling process. Our baling machines take your waste materials and turn them into dense recycling bales, ready for simple storage and transport. This saves you floor space, labor, and transportation fees.

Let’s design your unique recycling plan today! Call Balemaster now to select the best baling machine for your business.

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