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Cardboard Baler Machine to Maximize Recycling Efficiency

Delivering Innovative Solutions for Your Recycling Process

FatBoy balerBalemaster believes in bringing efficiency and productivity to the recycling process. From massive distribution centers and warehouses to smaller retail centers and schools, a cardboard baler machine from Balemaster can improve your recycling process and boost your profits.

Interested in learning more? Learn about our baler machines for cardboard below.

A Baler for Any Business

Our cardboard baler machine lineup delivers a customizable solution to any business location. Whether a small-scale recycling center or an expansive corrugated manufacturing plant, we have the equipment that will improve your operations and increase your productivity. Explore our selection below to find your optimal baler machine for cardboard.

Horizontal Auto-Tie Cardboard Baler Machine

Our horizontal auto-tie balers are the best in the industry for automating your recycling process. Each of these balers compress your recyclables into dense bales, then automatically tie them for you. This creates perfectly formed bales that are ready for storage or transport every time. Additionally, these machines require no manual advancement so that your personnel are reserved for productivity.

Learn about the E-Series, EO-Series, & Fat Boy cardboard baler machines by Balemaster below.

Closed Door Cardboard Balers

Our closed door baler machines for cardboard are design to meet the needs of any size facility. This lineup features a variety of balers, including the 300, 400, 600/1600, and 700/1700 Series cardboard baler machines. The 300 Series is designed for smaller materials, such as print and paper products, whereas the 700/1700 Series is built for the largest materials, such as full size corrugated boxes. Each closed door baler is designed with safety, efficiency, noise control, & dust reduction in mind.

Manual Tie Baler Machine for Cardboard

Our manual tie balers are designed for facilities with limited floor space. These machines are compact and equipped with the necessities to maximize your recycling efforts. While the tying is manual and not automatic like our other models, the bale production and transfer systems are exceptionally efficient.

Our Balers Are Built to Increase Productivity & Recycling Efficiency

At Balemaster, we design every baler to meet the needs of our clients. Our balers are highly effective and efficient, forming bales that are simple to store and transport. In addition, baling your recyclables improves profitability and ease of transfer. Explore some of the additional advantages that you can expect with a Balemaster cardboard baler machine below.

baler machine 1Premium Touch Screen Control

We integrate a comprehensive touch screen control system with each of our baler machines. This allows for simpler control of each step in the baling operation. You can easily access any setting related to your baler, right at your fingertips.

Effective Dust Control

The Balemaster selection is built for convenience, safety, and efficacy. We emphasize dust control to keep your recycling process clean and efficient, while also protecting your equipment. This premium dust control ensures the longevity and functionality of your cardboard baler machine.

Unique Bale Density Control System

Each of our balers features a unique bale density control system. This ensures each bale is formed with the highest and most consistent density. This is important because you are maximizing the amount of materials in each bale, which saves on transportation fees and storage space.

We are dedicated to improving your recycling efforts. A cardboard baler machine from Balemaster is guaranteed to increase the efficiency and productivity of your recycling process, which leads to greater profits and more successful waste management. If you’re ready to learn more about our products, give us a call. We’ll provide you with a consultation and answer any of your questions.

Contact Balemaster

Is it time you find a better solution for your recycling process? Balemaster is here to help. We offer a wide selection of cardboard baler machines that will meet the needs of any business, no matter how big or small and no matter the material types. We have a baler that is designed for you. Call Balemaster now to find the best baler machine for your business.

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