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High-Efficiency Cardboard Balers

Minimize Waste & Maximize Profits with Cardboard Balers from Balemaster

baler machine 1Cardboard balers are widely used by distribution facilities, manufacturing plants, schools, and retail locations. These machines help to maximize your profits by reducing labor, storage, and transportation fees while increasing payouts for your recyclables. At Balemaster, we have a state-of-the-art lineup that includes many cardboard balers with features to suit any company.

Horizontal Cardboard Balers Benefit Your Business

Our selection of premium cardboard balers features many different styles. While each of our horizontal cardboard balers are highly efficient, some styles offer auto-tie baling, some produce high volume bales, and some are closed-door baler varieties. Regardless of your company’s needs, we have the cardboard balers for you.

A cardboard baler is ideal for any company looking to optimize their recycling process. Baling your cardboard eliminates the need for excessive storage space, as your recyclables are made into neat and compact bales. In addition, this process lowers transportation fees, as more recyclables can fit into fewer loads. You will also receive the most notable payout for your recyclables because cardboard balers maximize your recycling process. Overall, a cardboard baler improves recycling productivity, decreases costs, and boosts profits for your business.

E-Series & EO-Series Auto-Tie Balers

Auto-tie cardboard balers are the ultimate option for recycling management at your facility. With an entirely automated process, these baler machines are able to compact, bale, and tie your cardboard without any manual intervention. An auto-tie cardboard baler allows your staff to remain free for other tasks, while maximizing your profits on recyclables.

The E-Series Auto-Tie Baler features:

  • Automatic wire-tying
  • Distinguished touch screen controls
  • Regulated bale density control systems
  • Energy efficiency

The EO-Series Auto-Tie Baler features everything that the E-Series includes, but it also offers:

  • Large feed openings
  • Ability to receive feed from a conveyor, tipper, or pneumatic air system
  • Heavy duty serrated shear blades

Overall, the auto-tie cardboard balers bring unique advantages, including the ability to fully automate your recycling process. With the addition of an auto-tie baler, you can utilize personnel in other areas while expanding your waste management services.

High-Density Cardboard Balers

With the ability to produce bales that are 40% larger than traditional bales, our Fat Boy High-Density Baler is an excellent choice for facilities that generate significant recyclable waste. This cardboard baler can handle massive quantities of recyclable materials and create the largest cardboard bales available.

The production of larger bales allows you to increase productivity and simplify transport, as more material can be moved in a single load. By increasing the bale size, you will minimize labor and transport costs while maximizing profits.

Our Fat Boy High-Density Cardboard Balers provide:

  • Large, compact recycling bales
  • Extra-large feed openings to accommodate higher quantities of material
  • Dual-acting shear blades
  • Easy-to-use, comprehensive touch screen controls
  • Energy efficiency

When your facility produces large quantities of recyclable materials, the high-density cardboard baler is the choice for you. This machine allows for rapid, efficient, and safe bale production that diminishes labor costs and boosts recycling profits.

HD-60 Series Balers

This cardboard baler line features unique characteristics that allow for an effective baling process. With a conveyor-fed chamber, you can increase the efficiency of your recycling system. Like any of our cardboard balers, this series creates compact, stackable bales that will reduce the need for storage space, make transportation simpler, and increase your recycling profits.

The HD-60 Series Cardboard Balers feature:

  • A compact design to maximize usable floor space
  • Comprehensive touch screen control
  • Energy efficiency
  • Hopper loading systems
  • Manual wire tie tools
  • Hydraulic end door for increased worker safety

This cardboard baler system is an excellent addition for a business that wants to improve their recycling process without using too much space. With a compact design and highly efficient baling process, the HD-60 Series cardboard balers are versatile and effective solutions for recycling management.

Closed Door Cardboard Balers

We offer a variety of closed door balers that will suit the needs of any facility. With closed door cardboard balers, you will generate highly dense bales that will improve the handling and transportation process. At Balemaster, we have many options in our closed door baler series. These include:

  • 300 Series, which is ideal for corrugated cardboard and paper trim waste;
  • 400 Series, which is designed for folding carton, cardboard, and coated stock;
  • 600/1600 Series, which works best for whole or flattened corrugated boxes;
  • 700/1700 Series, which processes flattened or whole corrugated boxes as well.

As the series number increases, the baling capacity and feed openings tend to expand as well. The higher number series options are designed to handle tougher, larger loads. However, all styles of closed door cardboard balers are effective and improve the recycling process.

A Baler Option for Any Business

baler machinesWe have cardboard balers for any business. From large-scale production facilities to small retail locations, we have a recycling baler that will suit the specific needs of any company. Whether you need an auto-tie baler to minimize labor demands, a compact baler that can fit into a smaller facility, or a heavy-duty baler that can process any material into the largest bales, we have a solution for you.

With our cardboard balers, you will see a reduction in labor and transportation fees, as well as an increase in recycling profits. Our balers are highly efficient and create the most profitable bales. We offer a style that will suit the needs of any business, and our options are also customizable.

In addition to offering a variety of cardboard balers, we also provide many accessories that optimize and automate the recycling process. Our baler add-ons include:

  • Shredders & Hoggers: This equipment processes your recyclables into smaller pieces for more effective baling. With a shredder or hogger, your large pieces of recyclables can be compacted more easily and effectively.
  • Fluffers: These condition and distribute your materials for more effective baling. By mounting atop the feed chute, fluffers allow cardboard balers to make more dense bales.
  • Metering Conveyors: With a conveyor system, the baling process becomes more automated. Instead of hand-feeding the cardboard balers, our metering conveyors automatically and evenly load your chamber for maximum efficiency.
  • Transfer & Storage Systems: Along with your cardboard balers, we can design and install systems that allow for simple transfer and storage of your formed recycling bales. This improves efficiency and increases automation, freeing your staff for other responsibilities.

Overall, we have cardboard balers that can be tailored to fit any business location and need. In addition, we have equipment that can be added to fully automate the process so that your staff is available for other tasks. With the addition of a cardboard baler from Balemaster, you will see maximum efficiency in your recycling process.

Balemaster Has Your Recycling Solutions

Waste management is a significant concern for many modern businesses. When your facility produces a lot of waste, the recycling process can strain your resources. Cardboard balers can make the recycling process simple while decreasing labor and transportation fees, as well as increasing your profit margin.

Balemaster offers a variety of cardboard balers with unique features to meet the needs of every company. Our horizontal balers work for production facilities, retail locations, schools, manufacturing plants, and more. We have some cardboard balers that are fully automatic, some meant for heavy duty processing, and some that are compact for smaller spaces. Whatever your recycling needs, we have cardboard balers for you.

Contact Balemaster with any questions or to schedule a consultation with our baling specialists. We will help you design the best cardboard baling solution for your business. Call us today to get started!