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Balemaster Shredders. Reduce costs. Make your bailing process more profitable.
Engineered to perform.

Balemaster shredders are the preferred high performance choice for a variety of wastes, including; corrugated, cardboard, folding carton, paper, magazine, book, slabs, butt rolls and cores, etc. Models are engineered for heavy duty service with quality welded steel construction. Many advanced features are provided to maximize throughput capacity. User friendly touch-screen controls are included with most models

Our shredders are built to uncompromising standards.
Some of the key features include:Shredder

Heavy-Duty Construction Built for Dependability

Every part of our shredders are expertly designed and constructed for heavy-duty operations and offer the longest service life in the industry.

Advanced Blade and Arbor Design

Our advanced blade and arbor design can be matched to your requirements, achieving the best shredded piece size for maximum capacity and bale density.

Easily Integrated into Your System

Designed for easy servicing and integration into a fully automatic waste handling system. Custom configurations are available to satisfy space constraints.

Low Noise Models

We've perfected noise control with a host of engineered noise suppression techniques, featured in some of our models, including the 1400 Series.




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