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Additional waste management and recycling baler products offered by Balemaster.

Our product line does not end with balers and shredders. Balemaster has developed many unique baling products to further enhance the shredding and baler function. Our ongoing research and development activities mean that you can depend on us to lead the way with new and innovative ways to make automated waste handling even more profitable for you.

Dust BriquetterDust Briquetter
The Balemaster Dust Briquetter creates a rock hard 60 to 70 pound per cubic foot puck using high compression forces. The streamline design, 16" long feed hopper and low profile feed chute height allow for a good fit under standard bag-house filter systems. The energy efficient hydraulic power packs – from 7.5 to 10 horsepower – meet varying capacity requirements. The unique bale density control system automatically and continuously regulates the compression force of the cylinders maximizing the squeezing force to acheive the highest briquette density possible.

The standard main hydraulic cylinder produces 4" diameter briquettes that are continuously extruded.

This baler has heavy duty welded construction throughout and includes the most comprehensive Touch Screen and PLC Controller in the industry. Click Here to read more.

Mounted on top of the baler's feed chute, the fluffer helps prepare paper waste for baling by "fluffing" and distributing it evenly in the baler charging chamber.

Metering ConveyorsMetering Conveyors
Our patented "metering" conveyor eliminates time-consuming hand loading. Waste is fed at a uniform rate to either the baler or shredder. Designed for many "dump and run" applications. Available in 36, 42, and 60 inch width.

Automatic Bottle PerforatorsAutomatic Bottle Perforators (PET / HDPE)
This unique product line perforates plastic bottles, allowing air to escape. As a result, the output capacity of the baler is increased by up to 50%. Ideal for high volume bottle handling requirement.

Can CompactorsCan Compactors
Offering a simple way to crush and compact steel and aluminum cans, even 'rejects' filled with fluid. Produces a circular 17" diameter bale for easy handling.

Transfer Storage SystemsTransfer & Storage Systems
We can design and build a system used to accumulate and store finished bales. Used in conjunction with scheduled forklift operations. These can be an asset in facilitating "unmanned" operations.



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